You Have Solutions and IDEAS that Matter to our Community, i.e. Rural India !

We welcome Entrepreneurs, Strategists, Visionaries, and Organizations to join hands with us and make India – A better Place by becoming partners to the DEVTA – GAON SE GAON Program.

What is DEVTA GAON SE GAON Program (Digitally Empowering Villages Towards Affluence – Gaon Se Gaon) ?

DEVTA – GAON SE GAON program launched and owned by RajiVihaan Group is a set of services which intends to bring the benefits of NOFN and Digital India campaign to the remotest of villages, and help them towards affluence.

 What is DEVTA – GAON SE GAON Partner Program ?

This Partner program is a vehicle to build an ecosystem of partners that helps deliver on the vision of empowering villages with information, tools, means and methods towards affluence leveraging on various initiatives of Digital India and NOFN.

Under this program, we encourage you to present us with concrete plans, products, offerings, applications, application based services, or digital solutions around the following :-

  1. Development of villages

  2. Trade in Villages

  3. G to C Services

  4. Skill Manpower resources

  5. Creating Employment opportunities for villages.

  6. E-Governance, E-Health, E-Education etc.

  7. Improving Lifestyle and Socio-Economic Parameters

  8. Improvement of Governance for Villages/Panchayats

  9. Improvement of Agri Produce and Agri Solutions

  10. Delivery of Basic Infrastructure Services like Water, Energy, Sanitation

Working closely in the aforesaid domains for the past decade, we have successfully established a network that works 24*7 towards achieving affluence for the village community. We intend to work very closely with the Village Panchayats to establish these plans to uplift the common man.

If your plan/program is selected, we will help you grow you with your plan – Across the nation providing reach, support, consultancy, guidance, or even facilitate funding and financial support

Therefore, please feel free to write to us at the following address for further communication

Email :

Please use the words “DEVTA – GAON SE GAON Partner Program” in the heading of your email.

Initial Presentation should be limited to 500 words or 10 slides.