Gaon Se Gaon Buyer Agreement



This E-Commerce Trading Agreement (the “Agreement”) is entered into between owned by Rajivihaan Group of companies , enabling e-commerce as of one their services   (the “Company”) and you (the “Buyer”).


 I.              The Company has a Web site that is focused on the dissemination of information, posting electronic content, and enabling e-commerce applications and services. Target domains: (the “Site”). The Web site lists various Products and Services from different Sellers.

II.             The Buyer clearly understands and accepts that the Company is only providing an e-commerce Site and as a market place is putting potential Buyers in touch with Sellers of Products and Services.

III.            The Buyer clearly understands and accepts that all claims regarding Product Warranties, Guaranties, Service Commitments and Obligations are made by the respective Sellers, and need to be fulfilled by the Sellers, and as such the Buyer will follow up with the Seller for same.

IV.            The Buyer clearly understand and accepts that any Sale or Purchase transaction done though the Site is a transaction directly between the Buyer and the Seller for Products and Services listed by the Seller, and any claims related to the Products and Services need to be resolved directly between them.

V.             The  Buyer agrees and accepts that he has clearly read and understood the policies of the Company stated on its Site, and agrees to abide by those policies.